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The goal is simple. Inspiring but most importantly making you believe that you can make it pro and play college/university basketball but it won’t be easy. Remain positive and shamelessly achieve your full potential.


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Mengis Hiyabu

“Learn about me & where I stand” 

When I think of passion, the only thing that comes to my mind is the game of basketball. It brings me great joy to have found what I am truly passionate about in life and even greater joy to be able to share this with others.

I’m passionate about the game of basketball. It brings me great joy to help others with their basketball journey and enhance their skills. I have experience, knowledge and skills for the game. I’ll be bringing my own level of experience and coaching style in order to help others exceed their potential. My philosophy is as follow, train hard, work hard, stay focus and you will be rewarded by hopefully making it to the #League.

My name is Mengis Hiyabu. I’m a Montreal native who moved to London, Ontario and I currently reside in Guelph, Ontario. I fell in love with the game of basketball at a young age. Though I was motivated to reach heights only one can dream of, I decided to take a separate path and now help others make it. It inspires me to wake up everyday to inspire my peers and the youth to strive for greatness and nothing less. I was always one of the shortest players on the court if not the shortest, but never played like it and because of that my presence was always felt in the room. I played high school basketball at John F. Ross. Even though I played at a smaller school, I made sure my dedication, work ethic and my perseverance, as aspects of my personality were seen in me by my coaches and others. In terms of HS and REP career, I truly gave it all I had and went to play in the OCAA where I only played for 1 season but I cherished every moment, lessons and experience I gained at the institution. 

Currently I’m helping the community by not just training basketball prodigies but also inspiring others to turn their aspirations into reality because I believe with hard work, consistency and commitment anything is possible. “The #League brand does not solely represent athletes but also having the attitude of shamelessly hustling to reach your highest potential” 

Career highlights

John F Ross HS

Played and started all 5 seasons. All Star 3x. All Star MVP 2x. MVP 2x.

Post Secondary

Conestoga College. Played 1 season.

What others have to say

Alex “Superman” Johnson
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One of the hardest workers in the room. He will do anything and everything to exceed to that next level. It’s so refreshing to see him share and pass the game to the next generation.”
Coach Charles Doglas
Coach Charles Doglas
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Mengis Hiyabu is a dedicated young man who has shown a passion for basketball like very few others I have met in my 20 plus years of coaching. As a player he constantly pushed the boundaries of his skill set to be the best player he could be, giving up his body for his teammates and making those around him better. I am proud that he is now taking the steps to share his passion for the game with the next generation of great players.
David Penney
David Penney
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Mengis is a guy that doesn’t know when to give up and will always push through the wall that is stopping him. That is a valuable trait that translated to his game and will be translated to those who train under him. A guard who knows lots about that game and is always trying to learn more. With his natural skill it was always fun to watch him play or play against. Now it’s great to see him pass on his knowledge to future generations.
Serge Khayipangi
Serge Khayipangi
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Mengis is a passionate and faith driven young man who has a love for the game that can be sensed from afar. I’ve seen him endure the trials that come with the game of basketball, and his persevering attitude is truly commendable. He has all the qualities necessary to be more than just a trainer, but also a positive role model for the next generation
Pastor Benton Gibbins
Pastor Benton Gibbins
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Mengis is committed to helping others reach their full potential and succeed. He has a strong faith in God and He works hard at making people great. You want to get to the next level get in the gym with him.
Myles Charvis
Myles Charvis
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Mengis is the type of person to never let an obstacle slow him down. He’s a driven individual that will always put in the work to achieve his goals. It’s amazing watching him instill that mindset to the next generation to allow them to be successful in their own way. His skills on and off the floor are why he’s a great trainer and even better person.

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Yes this class is 100% suitable for anybody. The younger the player begins training the better to maximize his/her potential.

Most important thing you’ll need to bring is comfortable wardrobe that you can sweat in and don’t mind training for an hour minimum. Water bottle to keep yourself hydrated and a basketball (optional)

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